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Monday, 20 November 2017

Pepper and Mayne - SS18 Collection

Begin your New Year fitness regime in Pepper & Mayne's brand new SS18 collection. Team the label's signature Ombré Compression Wear, ideal for hot yoga, pilates and ballet barre, with baby soft, Aprés Sport pieces designed to take you to your work out in style and on to that hard earned brunch after.

Every item fuses high-tech performance fabrics with an elegant design aesthetic that blends seamlessly into any lifestyle. A practical yet stylish way to up-date your new year wardrobe.

Pepper & Mayne's signature Ombré Bodywear in Blush

Pepper & Mayne's signature Ombré Bodywear in Aqua

Monochrome Scallop Knit Tee and Hoody - designed in London and sustainably produced in Europe.

Gail Love Schock - Bio & New for 2018

A spiritual life coach and quantum healer, Gail Love Schock supports clients in strengthening their soul and human connection, cultivating magnificence and experiencing radical contact with life.

With 15 years experience of transforming how people approach their lives, Gail has trained with Tony Robbins, Dr Robert Holden, Russ Hudson and The Coaching Academy, while also being a student of a Course in Miracles and a trained Celebrant. Further to this, Gail is a Reiki Master Teacher, qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Magnified Healing and The Enneagram. While her Kundalini teacher is Guru Jagat.

New for 2018:

Love Schock Salons - a monthly day retreat - to bring all your parts home.

Want to learn how to design your life with total integrity in full alignment with your soul desires? Ready to make the heaviness in your heart and legs, lighter? Want to walk across the bridges of your WTF moments with grace and humour? Sure you do.

Join Spiritual Mentor and Minister of Love, Gail Love Schock for her new London monthly gatherings at 42 Acres Shoreditch. You’ll experience Gail’s down to earth guidance, applicable tools including her Quantum Wave meditation, HeartMath® coaching, spiced with century old ritual and ceremony. All leading to you standing in your cosmic power and making 2018 grace filled, beautiful and easy.

Seven Sundays - Gail’s First Solo Retreat - planned for early May 2018 in Scotland

You’re devoted to your spiritual practice 365 days per year, you’re in service to yourself and to your community or you’ve no idea what the hell a spiritual practice is all about and you want one.

Luxuriate in Seven Sundays, a place of rest, co-creation and immersive practices for your soul and you to sigh in bliss, decadence and deliciousness.

What to expect:

Fresh air, tartan, laughter, slumber, sermons, prayers and rituals of old.

Guided Quantum Wave Meditation to ease your mind
Kundalini to clear your system
Wild walks and dreaming to enter the Amazon Prime of Manifesting
Poetry readings by firelight for soothing rest
Whisky or Water, kissed by angels for fire in your belly
Archery to connect to your Artemis
Nourishing Food to feed your cells
Ritual and Ceremony to free your wild
Massage and bodywork as an act of radical self care
Live Music, fearless dancing and oh so much more just for the hell of it

Bonus Feature...Men in Kilts, Scottish accents and cheeky surprises along the way.

This is a celebration of your rites of passage uncelebrated. Across the week we’ll celebrate everyday stage of your life and prepare for the next. Releasing all that no longer serves you, marrying your parts together, knitting you whole and shining a light for you to follow.

Let Gail and her homeland Scotland hold you in their hearts whilst you rest yours. You’ll return home with even more of yourself aligned.

Prices TBA

12 Month Radial Contact with Life Mentorships - shining a light on your blocks and limits, working with ancient and modern tools and methodologies to dissolve these. This is not about temporarily fixing anything, this is about healing wounds once and for all. You are NOT a life long house renovation.

You’ll discover and develop a relationship with your guides in Angelic, Goddess or living form and learn how to ground all of these teachings in a way which is convenient to and for your day to day life.

These mentorships are to support you bridging your now to next, healing your self sabotage patterns, recognising when your inner critic, mean girl/boy or spiritual fuckery shows itself.

The mentorship is loaded with support from Gail, including but not limited to,

Two 90 minute calls per month
Bespoke Meditations
Enneagram guidance
HeartMath® coaching
Journal prompts
Additional support from Gail’s most trusted global colleagues
Tickets to gigs

Ready to live from integrity, in full alignment with your heart desires?

Temple Of The Ribcage

Monthly Subscription Service for global community to spend time with Gail Love Schock.

Drawing from ancient and modern practices reaching across Mayhan, Buddha, Celtic, Earth and more The Temple of The Ribcage will support you in harmonising your heart and brain to achieve a gamma state (faster and more compressed brain waves scientifically proven to help with anti aging, power realising, opening doors to deep intuition, focus, total recal, fast processing and storage retrieval. This is all about the chambers of the heart and how to align with love, compassion, grace and forgiveness.

Part sermon, poetry, prayer, conversation and ceremony, Gail Love Schock is gathering her ministry in preparation for the continued global change, soul expansion and thriving in everyday life.

This is for you who are already devoted to a spiritual path and those ready to begin. For you wanting to unlearn old patterns and tap into more of your mind, heart and gut potential. This is for you to come to you in The Temple of the Ribcage.

Monthly fee £18
Launch Date January 2018 TBA


  • Gail is currently writing her first book The Voice Thief to Voice Freedom, Reclaiming The Sound of You.
  • Gail has also begun her One Spirit Foundation - InterFaith Minister which will be two years of training, to work with all faiths, religions and spiritual teachings. Year 2 spiritual counsellors will take her to her own vows and she will be ordained as an InterFaith Minister. 

LONDON HOLISTIC THERAPY - NEW - Digital Detox Massage Package

Rebalance Your Energies and Meridians with a
Digital Detox Diode Massage Package

Every year, on January 1st, the same mantra is heard throughout the land: “New Year, new me!”. So why not kick off your good intentions for the best New Year with a digital detox - that only means a break from your devices for up to 90 mins a week.

We all spend so much time hunched over our phones and laptops...compulsively drawn to the glowing screens - scrolling, squinting, searching. If you feel like you need to rebalance your body’s energies and meridians to help give yourself a physical and mental tech time-out, then London Holistic Therapy has the perfect package to get you into gear this year.

Introducing a brand new massage treatment package using an exclusive digital diode mat that is composed of natural, non-toxic components which emits different energy frequencies. The diode energy current moves in a positive direction which corrects, filters, and stabilizes the energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and balance to the body’s electrical system. The innovative massage treatments release all that unwanted tension and stress, by neutralizing harmful and stray low level electromagnetic frequencies that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Owner Ruth Clarke has had training at the London School of Massage, Gateway Workshops, The School of Natural Therapies and Therapy Training School. London Holistic Therapy offers a mobile service putting your needs first, so you don’t even need to leave the house. With a massage treatment focusing on increasing harmony and balance in the body’s organic electrical system, what better to beat those winter blues allowing you to feel like a true, New You.

£750 for 6 sessions over an 8 - 12 week period with massages recommended once a week for 4 weeks, twice a week for 2 weeks. Then monthly after that - as maintenance is just £100 per 90 min session (usually £145) for digital detox package clients.

The Field Training

Take a holistic approach to fitness and health at The Field Training

The Field Training is a Movement Clinic: a private training and therapy space in Marylebone, that uses movement, nutritional strategies and therapies, to address the healing process. From dysfunction to function, The Field Training, run by Diego Core and Danielle Kleber, helps clients achieve optimal health, so the body can function to its best capacity.

The expert team at The Field Training begin the journey back to full movement by raising their clientsʼ understanding of how their bodies work, while paying close attention to correct alignment, posture and form. Restoring natural abilities and prioritising full and free joint mobility and flexibility, hand-in-hand with joint stability, whole body strength and coordination.

Clients often come in with an injury, in pain or discomfort and the first step on the road to full health will often be a treatment, possibly massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy or acupuncture. Once on the road to recovery, it’s time for the Movement and Exercise specialist team to step in. You could start your exercise program with one of the Classical Pilates Instructors or alternatively, one of Exercise Specialists could design for you a gentle program of corrective exercise. But your journey to health need not stop at corrective exercise and rehabilitation. At The Field Training, healthy function is prioritised over aesthetics: a well-proportioned body is the natural result of training to move in all planes. All aspects of physical fitness are addressed: from corrective exercise to joint mobility and flexibility, to endurance, muscular development, strength and power.

Diego is also the leading UK Clubbell training specialist, offering the original Clubbell method through personal training sessions and workshops. The Clubbell circular motion strength training promotes joint mobility and is available to clients of all ages.

As well as physical training, the team at The Field Training pays great attention to the emotional and psychological factors that may help or hinder the clientʼs journey to enhanced wellbeing, such as the relationship between sleep, recovery and stress and how these affect the bodyʼs hormonal system. Also, nutrition is emphasized as a prime aspect for optimal health.


Find enlightenment on your yoga mat at SANGYÉ YOGA SCHOOL

A well established west London institution for spiritual warriors, Sangyé Yoga School was re-launched in early 2016, after 11 years of being known as Jivamukti Yoga London, the only official Jivamukti Yoga Affiliate in London. Sangyè is a Tibetan word for Buddha or ‘awakened’ and the practice is focussed on connecting with breath, body and potential. Offering ever-changing and challenging vinyasa sequences, hands-on assists, alongside teachings to awaken the buddha nature within.

Straight talking Cat Alip-Douglas is the tattoo covered Sangyé Yoga School co-founder (with husband Phil). A former Condé Nast New York girl, Cat now lives and breathes an authentic vegan yogi lifestyle. Her varied sequences are mostly set to a contemporary soundtrack of house and uncensored hip hop, while her inspiring dharma chat throughout the class reminds students of the nature of impermanence and the relativity of all phenomena., all delivered in a no nonsense and often amusing way. Taking regular workshops and retreats with Phil, Cat also runs a popular teaching training course at the school.

At Sangyé Yoga School, for beginners - there are two weekly level 1 classes, while regular workshops are hosted by faculty and visiting teachers from overseas for those wanting to delve further into their practice. Upcoming 2018 retreats held by Cat includes 6th – 8th April in Kent and 2nd – 5th August at Eskdalemuir in Scotland. Further info here: 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Christmas Party Gifts & Accessories by Jacques Vert

Jacques Vert's statement jewellery and elegant clutch bags are perfect gifts to make a lasting style impression.

Garden Party Collar Necklace

Mixed Colour Crystal Necklace

Mixed Colour Stretch Bracelet

Semi Precious Cluster Necklace

Semi Precious Cluster Earrings

Pearl Crystal Drop Earrings

Pearl Crystal Collar Necklace

Garden Party Stud Earrings

For further information, high res images and credit details please contact:
+44 (0) 7715244678 + 44 (0) 20 33021420

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Festive Shoes & Mini-Bags by UNISA

 Unisa's selection of glamorous and festive shoes that play with texture and colour will have you ready to celebrate in style and comfort. Inject new life into your favourite party outfit and slip into a pair of , or dazzle in golden mules.
Complete every ensemble with a micro-bag that's mini in size and big on style in a variety of patterns and prints. 

DONNA- TIT Gold ballet pump

DALILA-STA Metallic pumps


PONCIO Burgundy Suede Ankle Boots with Tassle detail


 OLYMPO-TIT Gold heels
OLYMPO-PCR Black heels


KARISI-F17-STA Metallic ankle boots

PATRIC Lilac CrushedVelvet Chunky Heels 

ZACA_VL Red velvet micro bag
ZACA_VL Pink velvet micro bag

ZACA_TIT Silver micro bag
ZACA_STA Metallic micro bag
ZALBA_MTS Purple metallic side bag
ZALBA_PA Pink Patent side bag
ZALBA_RI_PO Leopard side bag

 ZALARA_KS Red handbag
ZDALI_RI_KS Black clutch

Here is the full Unisa AW17 Edit

For further information, high res images and credit details please contact:
+44 (0) 7715244678 + 44 (0) 20 33021420